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ALPHA XV Stand Alone Labeling Applicator with Feeder

ALPHA XV Stand Alone Labeling Applicator with Feeder

Update Terakhir 08 / 03 / 2024
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Rp. 123

Detail ALPHA XV Stand Alone Labeling Applicator With Feeder

ALPHA XV Stand Alone Top Labeling Applicator with Feeder

Automatic Labelling Machine

Labeling Application : Apply to label on inner boxes, plastic bag, brochures, cardboard, paper, etc. The operator manually loads the product on the conveyor’ feeder.

Technical Parameter:
- Driving Mode : Stepper/Servo Motorized System.
- Dispensing Speed : Stepper Motor : 20m/min.
Servo Motor : 25m/min.
- Speed : Top Labeling approx. 50 – 80pcs/min
(Depend on label length & product diameter).
- Label Size : Height Min 20mm - Max 200mm /
Length Min 20mm - Max 300mm (adjustable system setting).
- Label Dispensing
Accuracy : +/- 1 - 2 mm (label placement accuracy on product depending on product shape & position consistency).

Parts Configuration:
- Mitsubishi PLC Control System, High stable operation and extremely low failure rate.
- 7'' Delta HMI touch screen, rich with help function, fault display function and 30 recipes with mechanical setting parameter record.
- Germany Di-Soric check label gap sensor, automatic check label station, stable and convenient don’t have much higher requirement for the worker skill.
- RICO/KEYENCE Fiber Optic Product sensor with Digital Amplifier for precise detection.

Alarms :
- Label low/finish alarm buzzer.
- Label break.
- Label gap sensor fault.
- Equipped with Emergency button.

- MiniDate Thermal Transfer Overprinter + Bracket.